Tips on How to Identify the Best Brazilian Hair for Sale

With the market being flooded with human and synthetic hair, it can be difficult to tell which the best Brazilian hair for sale is. Generally, there are many factors that can determine the best hair for you. For instance, if you wear braids, synthetic hair might work for you. If you have a tight budget, human hair can be costly for you. However, if your goal is to get quality hair, you should invest in human hair. Human hair is usually shinier, softer and it last longer than synthetic hair. This is because human hair is real human hair unlike synthetic hair that is made of synthetic materials. Our experts have come up with tips that will enable you to identify the best Brazilian hair to buy.

Check for chemicals

Pure virgin Brazilian hair does not undergo any form of chemical processing. This means that does not have perm, dye or relaxers. To determine if the Brazilian hair that you are about to buy has undergone chemical processing, ask for a sample and perform a simple test on it. Wet the hair then apply neutralizing shampoo. Massage the hair with the shampoo. If the foam from formed by the shampoo has pink color, then the hair has undergone chemical processing. Such hair is not the best for you if your goal is to purchase virgin hair.

Check the hair cuticles

Cuticles must be present in the virgin hair that has not been processed chemically. If there are no cuticles in the hair, then know that they have been stripped through an acid bath. Nevertheless, hair whose cuticles have been stripped is not necessarily bad because it can last for a considerable amount of time. However, it is not virgin hair. You can find out whether hair that you are about to buy has cuticles or not by running fingers on the hair shaft. Hair strands ought to feel smooth as you move fingers downwards but as you move fingers in an opposite direction you should feel resistance. Resistance signifies the presence of cuticles.

Smoke test

When these tests do not ascertain whether the Brazilian hair that you want to buy is the best, perform a smoke test. Simply set the hair tips on fire using a match or a lighter. The best hair will burn to ash above while bad hair forms a sticky texture that eventually hardens after cooling. Hair that produces white smoke while burning and then it forms brown hair. It means that it does not have synthetic fibers. However, bad hair produces a black smoke while burning and its texture turns sticky and hardens when it cools down because it has synthetic fibers in it.

We know that your goal is to buy the best hair that is easy to style, maintain and one that will last longer. This is why we offer you nothing but the best Brazilian hair for sale. At our online store, you always get the best deal on quality, authentic Brazilian hair.